Optical fiber fusion affects the loss of optical fiber signal transmission, and the flatness of the cutting surface of optical fiber directly affects the process of optical fiber fusion. Therefore, professional Fiber Optical Cleaver is needed to operate in the communication construction. As the partner of fusion splicer, ORIENTEK T30C Cleaver not only cuts accurately, but also greatly improves the work efficiency with its fully automatic design. Do you know how to use it efficiently?

Optical Fiber Cleaver Orientek T30C Fiber cutter High Precision Fiber Cutting Tool

ORIENTEK T30C adopts three-in-one fixture design, which can be applied to bare fiber, pigtail and jumper. It uses imported real tungsten steel blade with high hardness and corrosion resistance. The average cutting times can reach 36,000 times, which is very cost-effective. The blade adopts CNC technology, with high cutting precision and smooth. With the function of automatic cutting back, the cutting can be completed with a slight push, which is simple and efficient. Using the Fiber Optical Cleaver, the error is less than 0.5 degrees.

Not only that, ORIENTEK continue to upgrade the Fiber Optical Cleaver to bring convenience. Buckle fixture can fix all kinds of optical fiber more stably, at the same time, it more convenient to open with convex design. Silicone pressure pad, effective pressure optical fiber, can achieve high temperature not expansion, low temperature not cracking effect. The Fiber Optical Cleaver uses soft rubber base, which can easily cope with various working conditions. The design of waste fiber box is thoughtful and environmental protection, which can not only avoid scratch, but also reduce environmental pollution from the source. In order to reduce the unnecessary damage on the way of transportation, ORIENTEK is specially designed for the Cleaver to make a portable hard portable box, which can stably store the machine and avoid shaking. Notice, the suitcase is free!

Operation steps of Fiber Optical Cleaver

  1. Make sure the fiber optic fixture is clean before using the cutting knife;
  2. Open the upper cover of the cutting knife and the clamping plate of the clamp, and push the guide rail equipped with the blade to the side in front of you;
  3. Strip off the optical fiber outer coating layer with wire stripping pliers about 30mm long, and wipe the naked optical fiber clean with fiber cleaning paper dipped in anhydrous alcohol;
  4. Align the edge of the fiber coating with the appropriate scale on the cutter scale (10~20mm);
  5. The left hand puts the fiber into the fiber guide slot, and requires the naked fiber to be placed directly on the rubber mat;
  6. Close the fixture and upper cover and push the guide rail fitted with the blade to cut the lower surface of the fiber and cut off the fiber without too much force;
  7. Hold the cutting knife with your left hand and open the upper cover of the cutting knife with your right hand;
  8. Hold the optical fiber with your left hand, and open the clamp pressing plate with your right hand, carefully remove the optical fiber with the end face cut;
  9. Finish the optical cutting;


1) the end face of the cut fiber shall not be touched by hands or clothes to avoid pollution;

2) be sure to put the waste fiber after cutting into the waste fiber box of the cutting knife;

3) pay attention to cleaning after using the fiber cutting knife, which can be put into the convenient box if not used for a long time.

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