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Monthly Archives: April 2020

  1. Basic knowledge about OTDR you should know

    Basic knowledge about OTDR you should know

    1.Basic principles of OTDR

    The OTDR is called an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, and a narrow optical pulse is injected into the end face of the fiber as a detection signal. When the light pulse propagates along the fiber, the backscattered portion of the Rayleigh scattering will continuously return to the incident end of the fiber. When the optical signal encounters a crack, a Fresnel reflection will occur, and the back-reflected light will also return. The entrance end of the fiber.

    Rayleigh backscattering and Fresnel reflection occur when light propagates through an optical fiber. The OTDR utilizes the characteristics of light to collect backscattering and reflection of light pulses in the path. High-tech, high-precision photoelectric integrated instrument.


    By detecting the size and arrival time of the back light at the input end by suitable photocoupler and high-speed response photodetector, the transmission characteristics, length and f

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  2. Fiber Inspection provides effective detecting solution

    Fiber Inspection provides effective detecting solution

    The first reason that leads to the attenuation of optical signal or causes the problems of optical fiber network is the dirt or damage of the end face of optical fiber connector. Therefore, how to quickly and effectively check the end face is the primary problem to be solved; And the portable optical fiber connector detector has become the first choice of field operations and maintenance personnel. Orientek TIP-600v fiber connector detector, provides you with an effective fiber interface inspection program.

    KIP-600vfiber connector detector 3.5 inch HD LCD display,avoiding the visual fatigue of long time detection; real time video,support extend TF card, quick check the pollution degree of female connector and male conector.

    High accuracy and easy to use

    TIP-600v resolution(μm)<1μm,moreover, it is ergonomic in design and comfortable to hold. Its roller type focal ring can effectively magnify 400x, and its independent camera button provides use

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