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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Such a full FTTH construction specification

    Such a full FTTH construction specification

    Still worried about not working on FTTH equipment construction specifications?
    Still tired of not understanding the construction of optical cable?
    After reading this one
    Keep your decathlon and everything proficient! ! !

    OLT construction

    ● The position and orientation of the rack installation should meet the design requirements.
    ● The rack installation should be firmly fixed, the machine surface in the column should be flush, the rack clearance should not be more than 3mm, and the vertical deviation should not be greater than of the rack height.
    ● The frame should be reinforced with expansion bolts to the ground. The reinforcement of the equipment should meet the design requirements.
    ● In areas where the seismic intensity is above 7 degrees, the rack installation must be seismically reinforced. The reinforcement method should comply with the relevant requirements in YD 5059-2005 "Code for Seismic Design of Telecommunications Equipme

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  2. Fusion Splice vs. Mechanical Splice

    Fusion Splice vs. Mechanical Splice

    When talking about fiber splicing, you can choose two splicing methods. One is fusion splicing, and the other is mechanical splicing. If you're just starting to splicing fiber, you may want to look at the long-term goals in the field to choose the technology that best fits your economic and performance goals. These two methods will be discussed and contrasted separately in this article.

    Definition of Fusion Splice and Mechanical Splice

    Both fusion and mechanical splicing do the same thing - they connect the two fibers together and keep it in such a way that the light signals can be connected. In more detail, fusion is the point of attachment of two or more fibers that are fused together. This is achieved by a machine called a fusion splicer that performs two basic functions: aligning the fibers and melting them together, usually using an electric arc.
    The mechanical splice is a simple alignment device that does not permanently connect the tw

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  3. Why can't the fiber bend excessively?

    Why can't the fiber bend excessively?

    When light is incident from one end of the fiber and emitted from the other end, the intensity of the light is weakened, which means that after the optical signal propagates through the fiber, the light energy is attenuated. This means that some substances in the fiber or for some reason block the passage of the light signal. This is the transmission loss of the fiber. Only by reducing the fiber loss can the optical signal be unobstructed.

    The main factors causing fiber loss are: intrinsic, bending, extrusion, impurities, unevenness and docking, etc., where the fiber bending loss is mainly caused by man.

    The fiber is very sensitive to bending, excessive bending = light overflow. If the bend is too large, most of the light will overflow from the coating. Single mode is more sensitive to bending loss than multimode.

    Fiber Bend Example

    Optical loss occurs when two types o

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  4. The art of communication wiring

    The art of communication wiring

    Many people know
    Optical fiber is the blood of modern information life
    a hair-sized fiberglass
    Carrying countless communication services
    But many people may not know
    Born with modern fiber optic communications
    There is another job called
    Good discs are pleasing to the eye
    It’s just an art

    the art of communication_wiring

    Fiber is fragile
    Excessive bending angle will damage or even break the fiber and cause communication interruption.
    Fiber optic connections go through multiple splice boxes
    Communication engineers after the fiber optic connection is completed in the connector box
    Need to coil one fiber

    Make it impossible for the bending angle to be too large and affect normal communication
    And require the disc to be beautiful and neat.

    the art of communicatio

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