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  1. What is acceptable dB loss for fiber?

    What is acceptable dB loss for fiber?

    An optical fiber cable run has been installed between two buildings, with a splice point in the middle linking a third building. It is now time to certify the link with a light source and power meter. The test equipment is set up to test at 850 nanometers. The source is connected to fiber 1 at the main crossconnect and the power meter at the intermediate crossconnect. The loss measured for this fiber span is 4.0 decibels. Is this attenuation acceptable?

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  2. JILONG OPM-22 series optical power meter newly launched

    JILONG OPM-22 series optical power meter newly launched

    Entering the third decade of the 21st century, 5G will often occupy the top spot in the hot search list of the optical communication industry. The development of the optical communication industry is changing all the time. In order to better serve global users,  Since its launch, JILONG OPM-22 series has been continuously optimized and upgraded, striving to present a perfect appearance to give back to users. Now, the OPM-22 series of optical power meters are newly upgraded and officially launched in April!

    OPM-22 series has  two models OPM-22 optical power meter and OPM-22V 2-in-1, two models in the product appearance and usage are basically the same, the difference is that OPM-22V 2-in-one  has increased the VFL function, users can combine their actual situation to choose.

    Taking OPM-22V as an example, it has a simple and stylish appearance, mini pocket design, light & small, easy to operate & carry; Its core adopts new technology, fast response and high measurement accuracy, and the measurement error is only ±0.1dB, which effectively improves the accuracy of the results; Universal interface can meet the use of SC, FC, ST and other common connectors. OPM-22V has seven wavelengths (850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm). The wavelength can be freely selected by switching the [λ] key, which is more cost-effective than the six wavelengths on the market.

    In order to reduce the burden of users, OPM-22V not only has an OPM test interface, but also a VFL interface. Its red light is stable and strong penetrating power. Whether it is to measure the loss of optical fiber, identify optical fiber in the computer room, or find the fault point... OPM-22V is a machine with multiple functions, allowing communication people to call for great love.

    When checking and repairing lines, we often encounter no lights or dark environments, and mobile phone lighting is inconvenient. For this reason, OPM-22V has designed LED lighting to make it more convenient for you to check lines in the dark.

    It’s often a whole day to go out for testing, and the machine on your hand often runs out of power, which makes you headache and annoying. OPM-22V is optional with lithium battery, which can be used for 60 hours when only the optical power meter is working. It is also designed with USB charging port, one line to solve your charging troubles, can support current mainstream charging equipment, socket charging, power bank, computer USB charging, etc., so that you will never be powered off when you go out.

    OPM-22V is designed with a network test module. Through the "PRESS" button, measure the network line sequence and judge signal transmission; the interface is designed for plugging and loss prevention. OPM-22V threshold setting & automatic judgment function, allows you to set the threshold, when the measurement result is lower than the set value will warn.

    Although OPM-22V is small in size, it has quite complete functions. If you are not familiar with the key functions, the following picture shows the function navigation.

    Users can self-calibrate the OPM-22 series optical power meter, allowing you to measure more flexible.


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  3. JINLONG communication multifunctional optical power meter is coming online soon

    JINLONG communication multifunctional optical power meter is coming online soon

    In order to meet the era of 5G communication and meet the needs of new and old customers for more products, we strive to provide global users with optical communication solutions. The new opM-22 mini optical power meter and OPM-22V all-in-one machine of JILONG optical fiber measurement will be officially launched in 2020, which is another new product after the red pen.


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