The complete guide to fusion splicing

The complete guide to fusion splicing

Fusion Splicing is a method of connecting two pieces of optical fiber. The ends of two pieces of fiber are mated in a precise way so that light can travel through the fiber. This method of splicing welds and permanently connects two optical fibers together. This splice in many instances produces nearly zero reflection and provides consistent results when done by a trained installer. There are three instances when you perform a fusion splice to a fiber optic cable. This is done when optical fibers have been damaged, to extend the length and finally to connectorize the optical cable.

Items Needed for Splicing
• Fiber Stripper
• Fusion Splicer
• Alcohol Wipes
• Fiber Splice Connector
• Fiber Cleaver

How Does Fusion Splicing Work?

A fusion splicer is a pretty straight forward piece of equipment. It creates an electric arc which produces a weld that permanently bonds the optical fiber. First, the fibers must be pro

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