Orientek new mini VFL TFL-Q is coming soon

Orientek new mini VFL TFL-Q is coming soon

Thefo's partner Orientek launched a new mini VFL TFL-Q, let us explore the mystery of TFL-Q together.

The new generation of TFL-Q visual fault locator adopts a new concept design, simple appearance design, mini compact, ergonomic design, one-handed holding and one-key opening, easy to carry. Because of its novel design and fresh button color, TFL-Q red light source will become a fashionable item favored by communicators. (Thefo reminder: TFL-Q is only 12cm in length and light weight to 50g)

The TFL-Q mini visual fault locator core is equipped with a high-quality laser chip, and is equipped with a newly upgraded high-quality laser. The 650nm red laser emits strong and stable, and the fiber penetration test distance is up to 30KM.

TFL-Q mini visual fault locator adopts 2.5mm universal interface design, which can meet the needs of SC, FC, ST connectors; at the same time, in order to improve its product cost performance and environmental protection, TFL-Q mini vi

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