How to reduce the splice loss of the fiber

How to reduce the splice loss of the fiber

Today Thefo wants to share with you some methods to reduce the loss in the fiber fusion splicing process.

1)Try to use the same batch of high-quality brand-name bare fiber on one line. For the same batch of fiber, the mode field diameter is basically the same. After the fiber is disconnected at a certain point, the mode field diameter between the two ends can be regarded as the same. Breaking the spot weld minimizes the effect of the mode field diameter on the splice loss of the fiber. Therefore, the optical cable manufacturer is required to use the same batch of bare fiber to continuously produce according to the required length of the optical cable, sequentially numbering and distinguishing the A and B ends on each disk, and not jumping the number. When laying the optical cable, it shall be laid out according to the determined routing sequence according to the number, and ensure that the B end of the front cable is connected with the A end of the latter optical cable, so a

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