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Monthly Archives: June 2020

  1. Do you know how to make those colorful optical fibers?

    Do you know how to make those colorful optical fibers?

    At the beginning of the 19th century, humans discovered that light can be propagated in medium such as water and glass by the principle of total internal reflection. Some people began to realize that if we can pull out ultra-fine glass filaments and realize long-distance transmission of light guides, it will be infinite. But scientists have tried countless ways to pull out long, thin, uniform and tough glass fibers. A physicist named C.V. Boys appeared. One day in 1887, C.V. Boys placed a heated glass rod on the crucible. When the glass rod melted, the trigger was pulled and a long piece of fiberglass was pulled out of the laboratory. C.V.Boys finally pulled out the world's first fiber, which is 9 feet long.

    More than 100 years have passed, and nowadays fiber optics has become the blood vessels of the earth, densely distributed in the world, weaving a rich and wonderful information life for us. How is the fiber made today?

    The manufacturing process of optical fiber i

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  2. Mini visual fault locator, small body contains huge energy

    Mini visual fault locator, small body contains huge energy

    How to use visual fault locator?

    In the optical fiber network wiring, in order to adapt to the environment and various requirements, usually needs wire, welding. Fiber is fragile and prone to failure, Therefore, optical fiber detection tool has become a common tool in integrated network routing.

    As one of the commonly used optical fiber detection tools for troubleshooting network faults, optical fiber visual fault locator can quickly detect optical fiber connectivity and fault points. So do you really know about visual fault locator? What other uses it has besides detecting fault points? How does it work?


    What are the uses of visual fault locator

    It’s mainly used for detecting broken point. The principle:The 650nm semiconductor laser is used as the luminescent device, which emits stable red light through constant current source drive, and connects to the optical interface to

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  3. Something you should know about the OTDR test chart

    Something you should know about the OTDR test chart

    The basic principle of OTDR fiber tester is to measure the transmission loss caused by scattering, absorption, etc. and the structural loss caused by various structural defects by analyzing the backscattered light or forward scattered light in the fiber. When a certain point of the fiber is subjected to temperature or when the stress acts, the scattering characteristics of the point will change. Therefore, the disturbance information of the external signal distributed on the sensing fiber is detected by the correspondence between the display loss and the length of the fiber. How to read OTDR test curves?

    Normal curve

    Generally, it is a normal graph, A is a blind zone, and B is a test end reflection peak. The test curv

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  4. Do you know the ways to clean the fiber interface?

    Do you know the ways to clean the fiber interface?

    Do you know the ways to detect and clean the fiber interface?

    With the rapid development and construction of 5G network, the optical communication industry has ushered in more opportunities. In the face of the wave of 5G construction, optical fiber, optical modules and optical devices have become "hot items", especially optical fiber. In the future, the use of optical fiber will be at least a few hundred million kilometers, which will become the "primary beneficiary."

    In network maintenance, it is found that whether the optical fiber end face is clean or not directly affects the communication quality of optical network. However, in the daily construction of optical fiber network, due to non-standard operation or other reasons, the optical fiber end face is easy to be polluted. However, when a large amount of dirt and dirt is attached to the end face of the optical fiber, it will cause the attenuation of optical signal to increase, resulting in the fa

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  5. TOC125&250 one-click cleaner makes work easy

    TOC125&250 one-click cleaner makes work easy

    With the announcement of a large number of pilot cities for 5G, the wave of 5G construction will be ushered in. At the same time, as the 5G foundation -- fiber optical market demand will be increasing. Facing amount networking, the ignore of fiber connector cleaning will bring you much trouble. Orientek optical fiber connector one-click cleaner will be your helper to solve this problem.

    Speaking of fiber optic cleaners, some people may have confusion, what is this for?

    There are lots of dirt on the fiber connectors. Originally thought that the optical fiber is protected by a dust cover, according to the theory is not dirty; In fact, this idea is wrong, in our daily use process, or subconsciously or accidentally touched, will pollute the optical fiber end surface.

    When the optical fiber end face is attached with a lot of dirt, oil and other dirt, it will lead to the optical signal can’t pass, and increase the optical fiber loss; When the end face of one fiber

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