Professional FTTH tool kit contains the most essential tools for fiber optic fusion splice, Mechanical Splicing and patch cord termination. Ideal for fiber optic installation and maintenance jobs. Imagine when a technician is working, it is convenient if there is a full set of tool kits, which is convenient and contains all the measurement tools needed for the job?


To solve this problem, ORIENTEK has launched the TFS series fiber fusion splicing tool set, which is suitable for fiber fusion splicing, fiber loss testing, fiber cleaning, fiber breakpoint detection and other fields. It contains all the necessary tools for fiber cutting, breakpoint detection, cleaning, and loss testing. In addition, the toolbox is also rain-proof, drop-proof, easy to carry, large capacity and small size. It can adapt to all indoor and outdoor operating environments. Let's take a look at one of TFS-40 with TheFO today.


The advantages of the Universal Fiber Optic Tools Kits FTTH TFS-40: rugged and durable, complete tools, can meet the needs of all tools for fiber construction. The thickened materials and reinforced steel plates used in this series of optical fiber tool boxes are not only good-looking but also durable. In addition, the toolbox is accurately opened inside, and each tool can be placed separately. The separate design protects each tool and prevents wear between the tools. The built-in double-layer design of the tool bag has a large capacity, but it is not bulky, and the flat design makes the tool box easy to carry.


Universal Fiber Optic Tools Kits FTTH TFS-40 kit has three different combinations, customers can choose according to their needs, they are TFS-40N, TFS-40E and TFS-40D. Among them, TFS-40N has 25 sets of tools, TFS-40E has 26 sets of tools, and TFS-40D has 28 sets of tools.


After reading the introduction of TheFO, you have a basic understanding of the ORIENTEK TFS-40 tool kit. If you need it, please contact us!