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OTDR : Central Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm; Dynamic Range: 32-30db (100-110Km); Dead Zone: <1.8m.

Optical Power Meter: Wavelength: 800-1700nm; Measurement Range: -70+3dBm / -50~+26dBm; Resolution (dB): 0.01.

Optical Light Source: Wavelength: 850+1300nm / 1310+1550nm; Typical Output Power: -5dB; Output Stability: ±0.05dB/15mins; ±0.1dB/ 8hours.

Optic Fiber Jumper Cable: 3

Suitable for: Fiber testing, breakpoint detection and other fields.

Product introduce:

ORIETEK TOR series optical loss test sets is suitable for fiber loss testing, fiber end cleaning, fiber break point detection and other fields. It contains all necessary tools for testing, cleaning and testing. In addition, it is rainproof, rainproof, easy to carry and small in volume, which can adapt to all indoor and outdoor working environments

Product features:

• Anti - rain, anti - fall, easy to carry

•  Complete configuration

•  Suitable for fiber testing, cleaning, breakpoint detection and other fields.

•  Special tool partition design

Product configurations:

Product name Usage TOR-330E TOR-330D
OTDR Optic fiber test 1 1
Optical fiber extension cable Eliminate the blind spot 0 1
Optic Fiber Adaptor fiber jutt-jointed 3 0
Optic Fiber Jumper Cable Fiber optic 3 0
Optical Power Meter Test fiber loss 1 0
Optical Light Source Test fiber loss 1 0
Carry Bag   1 1
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