Top 5, OrienTek T49 fusion splicer   Price USD 755/set More details please add official account: whatsapp/ skype +8613625297051

OrienTek Optical fiber company has been continuously challenging themselves in creating fiber optic fusion splicers that are well known for their ruggedness and reliability worldwide. Till date, they have created many expressive equipments like optical fiber fusion splicer, OTDR, fiber test equipments, fiber optic tools kits and fiber inspection cleaning tools. With its 30 years' professional experience in optic fiber communication, the machine integrates many functions, including fast splicing and heating, fully automatically fiber propulsion and its average reaches to 0.01dB.



  1. 3-year quality assurance is much more better than other 4 brands(The other 4 machines only provide 1-year warranty), most customers feedback that its after-sale is their firsthand choice for them to consider purchasing because OrienTek offers best customer service with the video training and explanation in person if they really need that.
  2. 8S fast splicing and18S fast heating with its low cost(One unit USD 755) is much more competitive than many other splicing machines.
  3. Fully automatic fiber propulsion is best for many newbies to use the machine.
  4. Average loss is less than 0.01dB is wonderful to use both in fiber to home and install and maintenance the main line.
  5. Machine supports the placement of cleaver operating the platform, do cleaving and splicing work in one step.
  6. Fiber holder suits different kinds of fibers, from flat fiber, jump fiber, pig tail fiber to bare fibers, all these kinds can be loaded and welded together, saving time and energy for many people to use the machine.
  7. Light weight and compact design is easier to carry with and operate anytime than other 4 brands especially they can perform the splicing in the aerial work.
  8. Large stock and quick delivery make many customers fall in love with OrienTek because in terms of other 4 brands having too long time to wait for the stock replenishing, choosing OrienTek would not change their milestones of project.
  9. No need to replace electrodes.

Top 4, Fujikura 88s+ fusion splicer   Price USD 5299/set More details please add official account: whatsapp/ skype +8613625297051

Fujikura 88S+ is a fusion splicer with a high precision lenses, which provide an accurate core-to-core alignment. Also, It is together with Fujikura 90s+ to occupy a large scale in the global market.

The Fujikura 88S+ splicing machine possesses advanced image processing technology which analyzes the profile of the fiber image as a brightness pattern. The tool finds the true core position and achieves the consistent lower splice loss. The device features fiber discrimination function: it automatically identifies the optimum arc discharge parameters in accordance with the fiber type.




  1. The faster automated features make the people complete the entire splicing process without touching the tool and only moving the fiber.
  2. Advanced image processing technology and core alignment technology help technicians much easier to weld parts.
  3. Time for opening wind protector is 80% lower comparing to the Fujikura 80S.
  4. Time for placing fiber into heater is 50% lower comparing to the Fujikura 80S.
  5. Plenty of space in the carrying case. There are two drawers for storage, and the work tray can be divided into two separate places.
  6. Blade life management: the device displays the remaining blade life, informs about blade height and position change, and when new blade is required.

Top 3, Sumitomo type-82c+ splicing machine  Price USD 5299/set   More details please add official account: whatsapp/ skype +8613625297051

Sumitomo Company is one of the famous campanies of great antiquity. In the development of its 400 years, the company develops multi-function fusion splicers, fiber cleavers, clamping fixtures and strippers. Type-82c+ machines embody many functions like handy size, fast splicing and it can be subject to any environment.



  1. Fast ultra splicing to 5 sec and heating for 9 sec. In general, it posses the fusion technology of average transmission loss 0.01dB, which has created the history record.
  2. Equipped with innovative AI technology NanoTune and fusion conditions suitable for large effective area (ITU-TG.654. E)is ultra-low loss.
  3. The heating reinforcement speed and connection times have been improved to extremely high levels.
  4. Equipped with onboard user training video, which could be useful and beneficial for many users.
  5. Great equipment for long-distance optic fiber transmission system in 5G communication.

Top 2, USA COMWAY C10S fusion splicer  Price USD4500/set More details please add official account: whatsapp/ skype +8613625297051

COMMAY C10S fusion splicer is a direct core monitoring fusion splicer for ultra fast splicing with heating 30 sec and splicing 5 sec. The advanced high precision core alignment system helps the machine fast weld the two fibers and the battery stores the energy which can test up to 500 times splicing and heating.




  1. Quick power on so that machine can get into work in a flash. Many people show their love towards this feature because they really need to immerse in work immediately.
  2. Automatic identify the fiber type. The machine can automatically choose great weld mode. Many people feel this function easy to operate.
  3. Resist dust, rain, wind, and shock. The machine is compact and resilient.

Top1. Fujikura 90s+ fusion splicer   Price USD8500/set More details please add official account: whatsapp/ skype +8613625297051

For a long time, Fujikura Brand always enjoys super reputation in the worldwide. For several years, Based in the original 88S and other machines, Fujikura 90s+ infills two brand-new great innovation in it, integrating active blade management technology and active fusion control technology, which shows more stable and less transmission loss. Even when bad fiber cutting occurs, machine could automatically optimize discharge parameter, thus it will improve the work efficiency and reduce the chance of troubleshooting.

Anyway, the 90S+ is a core alignment fusion splicer, setting a new standard in the market for fusion splicing. The 90S+ is packed with a whole host of new and enhanced features, specifically developed to enable faster splice cycle times with higher precision.