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SUMITOMO T-400S Active Clad Alignment Handheld Fusion Splicer

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● Capable of Fusion Splicing an Array of Fiber Types and Deployment Time Periods
● Competitive 6 Second Fusion Splicing and 24 Second Heat Shrinking Times
● Ruggedized Design
● Consistent Quality Low Loss Splicing
● Simple Operation by Brand-New User Interface for Quick and Easy Program Navigation and Analysis
● Handheld Operation for Fast Set-Up in Minimal Work Space Environments
● Lynx2 CustomFit Splice-On Connector Compatible
● FTTx Initiatives in One Machine
● 24/7 Technical Support
● 1 Year Warranty Included

The Sumitomo T-400S Handheld Fusion Splicer is an active cladding alignment fiber splicing device capable of quickly conducting fiber-end face evaluation and post joining loss estimation. Sumitomo T-400S models provide a 7 second fusion splice time and a 24 second heat shrinking time. By utilizing advanced optical technology, high-precision motors and cutting-edge embedded software, the Sumitomo T-400S eliminates the need for a technician's personal assessment required in other forms of termination. Operating the device is simple via the new high resolution user interface, which offers effortless program navigation and analysis. Sumitomo T-400S units are economically advantageous to technicians as well, delivering automated installation of optical connectors for the price of lower tech, tool-centric systems.

● 5 inches high Resolution colorful LCD display, image can be turned according to position
● Average splice time: 10 second
● Average tube-heat time: 25 second
● Automatic heat mode
● Lithium battery: Rechargable and up to 200 times of continuous splice and heat after fully charged
● X or Y axis Separately views with 360 times magnification, or Simultaneously 220 times
● Cutting-edge technology for image processing
● New technology of fiber core alignment, enhanced accuracy, PAS Technology
● New developed technology providing strong wind and dust resistance
● Automatic self-inspection: Display inspection, Forward inspection
● Cleave length: 9~16mm (0.25mm) 10~16mm (0.9mm)
● Splicing mode: Auto & Manual & Full-Auto
● Storing 6,000 groups of latest splice results
● New technology of fiber core alignment, enhanced accuracy
● New 3-in-1 cutting fixture for rubber-insulated wire, pigtail & bare fiber (Patented technology)
● New Multipurpose 1+N fixture (Patented technology)
● 1+N: one 3-in-1 fixture ( for rubber-insulated wire, fiber optic pigtail, bare fiber) & optional fixtures ( for SC/LC/FC connector).


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