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ORIENTEK TPV-53 Optical Power Meter & Visual Light Source - TheFO.com

Orientek TPV-53 Optical Power Meter, 2-IN-1 Fiber optic power meter + VFL 10KM

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  • 2-IN-1, practical
  • 2.5mm universal interface
  • Wavelengths 850-1625nm
  • Measurement range -70~+10dBm
  • 0.01 dB Resolution
  • High-quality imported laser head, penetration distance up to 10 kilometers
  • Waterproof keys suitable for various outdoor environments
  • Silicone jacket, anti-drop 2m

Orientek TPV-53 Optical Power Meter, 2-IN-1 Fiber optic power meter + VFL 10KM


Product description:

TPV-53 is a combination of optical power meter and VFL. The optical power mete and VFL can be used at the same time or separately.

Among them, the optical power module can be used to measure the optical power in mW, dB, dBm within the wavelength range of 850~1700nm, with high display resolution. There are seven wavelengths calibration points at 850nm, 980nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm and 1625nm. It can display both linear and nonlinear optical power at the same time, which can be used for direct measurement of optical power and relative measurement of optical link loss.


The VFL module provides 650nm visible laser output, the test distance can reach 10km, and the output power can reach 1mW/10mW/20mW. It is suitable for single-mode or multi-mode fiber measurement. Red light can leak from the bend or break point of the optical fiber, which can identify the failure of the optical fiber link. 

The instrument has a backlight display function and a large LCD display, making the measurement work convenient and quick. It is an indispensable instrument and equipment for the construction and maintenance of cable television systems, optical fiber communications and other fields.


Product Parameter:

Optical power meter
Model TPV-53
Measurement Range 800~1700nm
Optical Connector InGaAs
Measurement Range -70~+10dBm/-50~+26dBm
Accuracy ±0.2dB
Fiber Type SM MM
Standard Wavelength 85098013001310149015501625
Connector SC+2.5mm universal, optional LC
Display Resolution Linear display 0.1% logarithmic display: 0.01dBm
Working Wavelength 650nm
Laser FP - LD laser
Output Power 1mW10mW20mW
Connector SC + 2.5mm universal, optional LC
Operating Mode CW continuous light or modulated light
Modulation Frequency 2Hz
Working Temperature -20~+75
Storage Temperature -40~+85
Automatic shutdown time (min) 10
Battery continues to work (h) 100 hours (backlight off state)
Power supply 3 AA batteries
Weight 300g









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