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Orientek T44 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer FTTH Optic Fiber Fusion Splicer Kits Fusion Splicing Machine

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Orientek T44 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Products Introduce:

T44 FTTH optical fiber fusion splicer is widely used in industries such as fiber-to-the-home, fiber-optic cable rapid termination, machine room jump fibers remediation and so on. Its newest all-in-one fixture design can splicing various optical fibers. Unique real-time discharge correction function eliminates manual discharge correction operation, and the welding is stable and reliable. Core alignment, cladding alignment, and manual alignment provide multiple core-core alignment methods. The machine has automatic, manual, and semi-automatic functions to choose. At the same time, the machine small in size;light weight;anti-shock and drop resistance; the volume is 40% smaller than the traditional welding machine and the weight is only 1.77KG. 5200mAh large-capacity lithium battery, which can be connected and heated more than 350 times after being fully charged.

Product Feature and Function

  • 9S Splicing  20S RapidHeating  
  • 3000 Times ElectrodeService life
  • Average Lossunder01dB
  • 5200mAh Battery Capacity. Circular Welding 350 times
  • 5Inch 800 x 480 HD LCD Screen
  • Real Time Discharge Correction. Stable Fiber Splicing
  • Specification



Fiber Type

SM(G652 &G657) 、 MM(G651)、DS (G653)、NZDS(G655)

Actual Splicing Loss

0.02dB(SM)   0.01dB(MM) 0.04dB(DS/NZDS)

Control Technique

Real-time control and correction of welding arc; Self-adaptation within working environment; Self-adaptive electrode oxidation

Return Loss

Better than 60dB

Tube Typical Splicing Time

9S(Standard SM)

Tube Typical Heating Time

20S(Heating time can be set.  Heating temperature can be adjusted)

Fiber Aligning Method

Meticulous ; Core ; Clad ; Manual

Fiber Diameter

Clad Diameter is 80 ~ 150μm; Coating100 ~ 1000μm

Cutting Length

Coating layer<250μm: 8 ~ 16 mm; Coating 250 ~ 1000μm: 16mm

Heat-shrinkable Sleeve

60 mm、40 mm and a series of thermal sleeves

Tension Test

Standard 2N(can choose)

Fiber Clamp

Suitable for Bare fiber, Tail fiber, Jumper wire, Leather wire

Fiber Image Magnification

300X(X-axis or Y-axis); 150X(X-axis and Y-axis)

Graphical Display

3.5Inch TFT Color LCD,can be flipped, convenient bidirectional operation

External Port

USB 2.0 interface, convenient for data download, using U disk upgrade software

Splicing Program

100(User Mode) ; 53(Factory Mode)

Heating Program

40 (User Mode) ; 11 (Factory Mode)

Fusion Splicing Record

Saved 10000 groups splicing results.100 sets of latest Images

Internal battery

Lithium battery 12.5V power supply (10.8V storage), independent charger, charging time ≤3.5,heating time no less than 350 times(Typical)

Power Supply

Power supply connector, external adapter (Import AC:AC100~240V,50/60Hz, 0~1.5A, Export DC:DC13.5v/4.8A)

Working environment


Elevation:0~5000M; Resist the maximum wind speed : ≤ 15m/s

High-brightness lights

Convenient for placing the fiber at night




1.44kg (Without Battery).1.77kg (With Battery








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