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Korea INNO IFS-15M Fiber Fusion Splice - TheFO.com

Korea INNO IFS-15M Fiber Fusion Splicer/ Fiber Optic Splicing Machine ARC Multi-function FTTH Fusion Splicer

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● Automated and programmable wind protector
● 8 seconds Splicing Time;15-second automated tube heater
● Fully ruggedized for shock, dust and moisture,
● Li-Ion battery with 230 splices/shrinks per charge
● 5 mm cleave length for splice on connector or small package needs
● Sheath clamp or fiber holder operation
● On-board training and support videos
● Internet software upgrades
● Multi-function transit case with integrated workstation

1.Fiber Optical Communication Systems
2. Optical Fiber CATV
3. Passive Optical Network (PON)
4. Fiber Optic Amplifiers
5. Fiber Optic Access Networks/LAN
6. Monitoring Systems
7. Optical Fiber Sensor

Mode number
Korea IFS-15M Fusion splicer/fiber splicing machineB
Applicable Fibers
Singlemode (G.652 & G.657), Multimode (G.651), DS (G.653), NZDS (G.655),BIF/UBIF(G.657)
Cladding Diameter
80 μm to 150 μm
Coating Diameter
100 μm to 1,000 μm
Fiber Cleave Length
5 to 16 mm
Typical Average Splice Loss
0.02 dB with SM, 0.01 dB with MM, 0.04 dB with DS, 0.04 dB with NZDS, measured by cut-back method relevant to ITU-T and IEC standards
Splicing Time
SM FAST mode — 8seconds Pyrocondensation Time-15seconds
Arc Calibration Method
Automatic, real-time and by using results of previous splice when in AUTO mode, manual arc calibration function available
Splicing Modes
100 preset and user programmable modes
Splice Loss Estimate
Based upon dual camera core alignment data
Storage of Splice Result
Last 2,000 results to be stored in the internal memory
Fiber Display
X or Y, or both X and Y simultaneously. Front or rear monitor display options with automated image orientation
X or Y:320 X ;X and Y : 200 X
Viewing Method
Dual cameras with 4.73 inch TFT color LCD monitor
Operating Conditon
0 to 5,000 m above sea level, 0 to 95%RH and -10 to 50°C /Max wind velocity of 15M/S
Return loss
Electrode life
3000-5000/One pair for Standby application
2 years warranty and lifespan technology support
Splicing cords
260 cords /per charge


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