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Ilsintech Swift KF4A All in One Active Clad Arc Fusion Splicer - TheFO.com

Ilsintech Swift KF4A All in One Active Clad Arc Fusion Splicer

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The Swift All-in-One KF4AV is a top-tier fusion splicer with precise alignment capabilities and the addition of a VFL and InGaAs power meter. The KF4AV systematically performing five major functions including stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving, this device ensures optimum optical functionality and eliminates the extra time and expenses used to correct errors.

Product Features
• Remote maintenance via Internet
• Integrated 5 function in one unit (stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing, protecting)
• Internally-installed Visual Fault Locator (VFL) utilizes a 650nm red laser to locate and visibly display any failure points throughout the cable such as fiber breaks, flawed splices or connectors, and other issues
• Internally-installed InGaAs (indium, gallium, arsenide) power meter can detect the amount of power that is lost during transmission, helping potential errors to be corrected before the cable goes into use
• The All-In-OneTM system provides the most efficient use of space in any work environment compared to traditional stand alone and mechanical splicing solutions
• State of the art thermal stripper saves time and eliminates fiber scratching and damage when compared to traditional hand stripping
• Typical stripping time is 1.5 seconds
• Single-action cleaver incorporates an efficient self-rotating blade and a built-in fiber chip collector to prevent skin penetration
• One-touch alcohol cleaning pump with easy access for refilling
• High degree of reliability and stable performance even in harsh environments
• Compatible with a full offer of Fusion
• Splice-On Connectors(SOC) manufactured to comply to the most up-to-date industry standards
• Ideal for Enterprise, Data Center Broadband and FTTH network application

Product Specifications
• Fiber alignment: IPAAS Clad to Clad Alignment
• Applicable type of fibers: 0.25mm, 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm Indoor cable
• Fiber count: Single fiber
• Applicable fiber dimensions: Cladding diameter : 125μm, Coating diameter : 150μm~3mm
• Fiber setting and cleaved length: 0.20in to 0.63in
• Splicing modes: Splice mode: 300, Heat mode: 100
• Typical splice loss: SM: 0.02dB, MM: 0.01dB, DS:0.04dB, NZDS: 0.04dB
• Return loss: > 60dB
• Splicing time: Typical 7sec with SM
•Sleeve heating time: Typical 13sec with IS-60 mode, IS-60 sleeve
• Applicable protection sleeve: 2.4in, 1.5in and micro sleeves
• Storage of splice result: Data : 5,000ea Up to, Image : 5,000ea Up to
• Tension test: 1.96N to 2.25N
• Operating condition: Altitude: 0~5,000m above sea level, Temperature: -14°F~122°F, Humidity: 0~95%, Wind: 15m/s, non-condensing, dust proof, water proof, shock proof
• Storage condition: Temperature: 40°F~176°F, Humidity: 0~95%
• Dimension: 132(W) x 212(L) x 73(H)mm (Without rubber protector)
• Weight: 1.5kg(Including battery)
• Viewing method and display: 2 AXIS Two CMOS cameras with 4.3-inch color LCD monito
• Fiber view and magnification: X/Y : 110X , Max :220X
• Power supply: Li-ion Battery(DC 14.8V, 3400mAh), 100 ~ 240V AC Charger
• No. of splice cycles with battery: Typical 200 cycles
• Electrode life: 21,000 splices
• Blade Life: 75,000
• Terminals : USB

Product Includes
• Swift KF4A All In One Active Clad Arc Fusion Splicer with thermal stripper, cleaning station, self rotating blade cleaver and heater w/Built In VFL/Power Meter
• KF-3400 Fixed Battery
• KF4-1 AC Charger Cord
• USB cable
• HS-900 Fiber holders (L&R)
• KF4-SC/FC connector holder
• KF4-ILC LC connector holder
• CT-01 Cooling Tray
• Plastic Tool Box
• Allen wrench
• Hard Brush
• Soft Brush
• Tweezer
• EI-24 Spare Electrodes
• CD User Guide
• Hard Carrying Case w/Shoulder Strap

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