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ILSINTECH SWIFT K11 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Automatic Motor Drive

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• Splicing Time : 6 seconds, Tubeheat :9-13 seconds
• Resistance to the Environment with Shock, Rain and Dust
• Powerful Battery with Large Capacity, 300 splices
• Dual Sleeve Heater
• Automatic Execution of Discharge Calibration

Swift K11 is the most advanced and best performance core-to-core alignment for every splicing purposed like medium and long range optical circuit, LAN, CATV, FTTx with least loss. With compact, light, rugged design and long life battery, it delivers high precision performance. Furthermore, 5 inch color monitor with touch screen offers users more convenient and efficient working process.

• Fiber alignment: IPAAS core to core alignment(Image pattern analysis alignment system)
• Applicable type of fibers: 0.25mm, 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0, Indoor cable
• Fiber count: Single fiber
• Applicable fiber dimensions: Cladding diameter: 80~150㎛, Coating diameter: 100㎛~4mm
• Fiber setting and cleaved length: 0.28in ~ 0.63in
• Splicing modes: Splice mode: 300, Heat mode: 100
• Typical splice loss: SM: 0.02dB, MM: 0.01dB, DS: 0.04dB, NZDS: 0.04dB
• Return loss: > 60dB (Typical)
• Splicing time: Typical 6 sec. (Quick Mode)
• Sleeve heating time: 9sec (IS-45 Sleeve, IS-45 mode), 13sec (IS-60 Sleeve, IS-60 mode)
• Applicable protection sleeve: 1.5in, 2.4in, 1.3in or 1.1in for SOC
• Storage of splice result: The last 10,000 results to be stored in the internal memory.(Image 10,000 results)
• Tension test: 1.96N ~ 2.25N
• Operating condition: Altitude: 5,000m above sea level, Temperature: -14F ~122 F ,Humidity: 0~95%, Wind: 15m/s, non-condensing, dust proof, water proof, shock proof
• Storage condition: Temperature: -40℉ ~176 F Humidity: 0~95%
• Dimension: 5.6(W) x 6.4(L) x 5.5(H)in (Without Bumper)
• Weight: With battery 5.0 lb
• Viewing method and display: Two CMOS cameras and 5.0-inch color touch LCD
• Fiber view and magnification: X/Y : 200X, Max 400X
• Power supply: DC Lithium polymer battery (DC 14.8V, 4700, 6000mAh-option), 100~240V AC Charger
• No. of splice cycles with battery: Typical 250 cycles / More than 350 cycles(K11-6000)
• Electrode life: More than 3,500 times
• Terminals: USB

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