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Greenlee 915FS-KIT Fusion Splicer and Cleaver Kit - TheFO.com

Greenlee 915FS-KIT Fusion Splicer and Cleaver Kit

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● Active Clad. Low loss splices.
● Compact Smallest and lightest Active Clad Fusion Splicer in traditional format with IP52 rating.
● IP52 Ingress Protection Rating. Resistant to dust and water.
● Versatile. Uses the proprietary loose tube adapters for splicing loose tube fibers to splice on connectors.

Fusion Splicer and Cleaver Kit
Active clad alignment
Intuitive user interface
Uses the Greenlee splice on connector
150 splice’s on one battery charge including the 60mm splice protector shrink cycle
Automatic and manual modes
60 preset / user defined profiles
IP52 ingress rating
Fusion splice FTT(x) networks using splice on connectors and fiber to fiber applications.
Improve network performance with low insertion/return loss splices.
Short learning curve allows the technician to be productive quickly.

The 915FS optical fusion splicer uses active cladding alignment technology which allows the technician to reliably fuse fiber optic cables with low splice losses. Active clad technology splicers provide a more cost effective splicing alternative to core alignment but still provides low splice losses which is ideally suited for FTTH installations. The intuitive user interface keeps the learning curve short and enables the technician to be productive in a very short time. FTTx, P2P installations, and all standard fibers are supported with pre-qualified splicing profiles that can be modified and subsequently stored for more demanding fiber applications.

The 915FS uses the Greenlee Splice on Connector, which provides a low loss, low return loss, and reliable connection that surpasses the failure prone mechanical connector. Splice on connectors also allow for easier fiber routing, which reduces fiber preparation since the splice on connector is pre-cleaved and also eliminates the need for a splice tray.

The 915FS is available in the popular Contractor kit which bundles the fusion splicer, cleaver, an extra battery, and fiber strippers so that the technician has all of the tools they will need.

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