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FTTH OTDR Yokogawa AQ1200 OTDR with 1310/1550nm 34/32dB Fiber Optic Tester

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● 5.7 inch color LCD for easy viewing
● Multi-Language support
● AQ7275 OTDR-like interface
● USB port for data storage
● Quick and easy data exchange with PC through USB connection

The AQ1200 is the newest addition to Yokogawa's OTDR product family offering an even smaller and lighter alternative to the AQ7275 models.

Like the larger AQ7275, it also offers an industry leading 0.8m event dead zone as well as the convenient capability to display a fiber connector inspection probe using one of the unit's standard USB I/O ports.

Tradeoffs compared to the larger AQ7275 include omission of the built-in launch fiber option, limited to SMF fiber only and a reduced dynamic range of 32dB.

● OTDR that supports SM1310/1550nm with a short 80 cm event dead zone.
● Quick power on for faster operations.
● Able to display trace and event information at the same time.
● Full auto mode for novice users and information tips for more experienced users.
● Bright LCD screen for easy viewing inside buildings and outside.
● Includes Fault Locator functions for fast measurements.
● Supports external USB Video fiber inspection probe

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