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EXFO FLS-240 Pocket Pal - visual fault locator - TheFO.com

EXFO FLS-240 Pocket Pal - visual fault locator

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• Bright red laser at 635 nm
• Pulsed and CW operation
• 50 hours of operation (typical)
• 2.5 mm universal connector
• Rugged and weatherproof

The FLS-240 Pocket Pal Visual Fault Locator is a straightforward solution for identifying breaks, bends, faulty connectors or splices, as well as other causes of signal loss. It can detect faults over distances of up to 5 km. The FLS-240 visually locates faults by creating a bright red glow at the exact location of the fault on singlemode or multimode fibers.

• Light source is strong, penetrating power is strong
• This red pen imported laser head
• Easy to penetrate 100 thousand meter fiber
• Stable performance
• Ceramic tube can be replaced by itself
• Simple operation
• Extend service life
• User friendly design
• Sliding type switch design
• Let you control the red pen as much as you like
• Frosted body, anti fall, wear-resistant
• The body is made of frosted material
• To prevent damage during use

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