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Anritsu OTDR MT9085 optical time domain reflectometer imported MT9082A upgrade version touch screen

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Features 8-inch colour touchscreen, Fiber Visualiser integration. Ideal for the demands of telco, LTE/5G backhaul and data centre installation and maintenance work.

● Ready to test in 15 seconds and run all day with long 12-hour battery life
● Test up to four wavelengths with a single unit
● SC-APC connector interface
● High resolution and high dynamic range
● Enhanced macrobend detection at 1625 nm
● Optimised for Verifying PON Splitters Up to 1 × 128 Count
● Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments
● Large 8-inch enhanced display for easy viewing of results indoors or outdoors
● New Fiber Visualizer feature for easy graphical summary and PDF reporting
● Verify connector quality with optional connector inspection microscope (available from AusOptic)

Easy to use for everyone, User friendly operation
The ACCESS Master MT9085 series keeps the userful rotary knob and hard-key operations of previous models while adding a large 8-inch, wide, touchscreen LCD for intuitive OTDR operations. Using the Fiber Visualizer functions with at-a-glance Pass/Fail measurement results evaluation supports efficient optical fiber I&M by both experienced and first-time field engineers.

Useful combination Touchscreen, Rotary Knob and Hard Key
The ACCESS Master MT9085 series is operated using the built-in, wide, 8-inch touchscreen, rotary knob and dedicated hard keys. The latter two are especially useful for analysis using the 2-point and LSA (4-point) methods requiring manual operations described in job specifications. On the other hand, measurement results can be saved easily just by touching the screen and inputting the file name. And the pressure-sensitive touchscreen even supports input without removing work gloves.

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