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NOYES OFI-400C Optical Fiber Identifier - TheFO.com

AFL OFI-400C Optical Fiber Identifier 2mm or 3mm Jacket

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AFL OFI-400C Optical Fiber Identifier 2mm or 3mm Jacket

● Live fiber detection to avoid technician-induced outages
● Fiber identification with CW or tone
● Core power measurements
● Optimized for use on 250 μm, 900 μm and ribbon fiber or 2 mm and 3 mmjacketed fiber

The OFI-400HP Optical Fiber Identifier is designed to locate and measure the power levels of optical signals on single mode optical fiber without disrupting the integrity of the fiber. To use this device, simply clamp it onto a fiber and it will analyze the activity within the fiber.

This tester is meant to be used specifically in situations where high levels of optical power impede testing such as testing fibers with higher power level signals. If the optical power level in a fiber exceeds 500 mW, the fiber identifier will alert the user. When used in conjunction with Noyes optical light sources, the versatility of the applications greatly increases, forming a compact testing set that does not require the user to switch between testing plungers. This device is powered by 1.5 V AAA batteries, and is designed to be energy efficient, it can make thousands of fiber tests before needing battery replacement.

● Unique Optical Head with 2-position Plunger for use with all fiber types
● Built-in power meter - calibrated for 3mm jacketed SMF-28
● Detects Traffic, CW and 270, 330, 1000 and 2000 Hz Tones
● Indicates direction of transmissions
● Live fiber detection avoids technician-induced outages
● Fiber identification or tracing with CW or tones
● Core power measurements
● For use with 2mm and 3mm Jacketed Fibers




Detector Type


Wavelength Range

800 - 1700 nm

Calibrated Fiber and Wavelength

3 mm @ 1550 nm (SMF-28/28E)

Fiber Stress

<100 kPSI max

Working Fiber Size

2 mm and 3 mm jacketed

Tone Detection

270, 330, 1000, 2000 Hz (±5 %)

Core Power Measurement Range

+13 to -40 dBm @ 1550 nm, 3 mm (SMF-28/28E)

Measurement Units

dBm, dB

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